What You Should Know for Trade Show Marketing

What You Should Know For Trade Show Marketing In Business Packaging

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The trade show is still an effective means of marketing for buyers and sellers. It is an exhibition that brings together companies to demonstrate and show off their new products/services to the people or other businesses in the industry. The trade associations of every industry sponsor trade show to create buzz and excitement. They collaborate with individuals and companies to view the upcoming trends. The trade shows hold particular importance in the packaging sector. Custom box packaging has become an integral part of every business. So a trade show enables the companies to display their packaging products. Different custom printed & packaging companies take part in it. It is not open to the general public. Instead, it’s an exclusive event attended by the representatives and top professionals of a specific industry that the trade show focuses on. 

Here we will focus more on the packaging sector. The attendees are granted access to know about the latest technologies, market trends, new features to design product boxes, pricing, and other valuable insights regarding the industry. Box manufacturers in Chicago, on the other hand, exhibit a variety of new products or services, giving valuable time to build relationships, create their brand awareness, engage the press, put on leads, and close the deals.

1: A Successful Trade Show Marketing Starts With a Good Plan

Whether you decide to go to a trade show, never go unprepared. A successful trade show marketing strategy requires pre-, during, and post-event planning. A good plan can create a wonderful brand experience for the attendees. This helps in increasing its demand and connects more effectively with the buyers. As a result, your event can be a big success. 

2: Be Concise with Your Booth Messaging

People expect to get a lot of information as they walk into your booth. From your sentence or two, they decide whether they will stay or move ahead. There will be a group of competitors around, so always emphasize what can make you stand out from the competition. For example, if you and several other packaging companies have taken part in a trade show, try to highlight the products which make you different. Instead of displaying those traditional cardboard boxes, attract the customers by showing more customized solutions. If an attendee has a shipping business, communicate with him with a large variety of customized shipping boxes. Briefly explain the steps to make shipping boxes more customized. Similarly, if a business person needs packaging for his food business, make him show a branded custom size box or restaurant to-go boxes to meet their packaging needs. Resonating with the target customers can give a good indication of your products/services. 

3: Keep Marketing Materials Short and Comprehensible

Do not hand over your clients with a massive folder of information. Keep your marketing material precise and easy to understand. You can share a small business card with your attendees. Print it with essential details. For example, if you own a wholesale cardboard packaging boxes business, mention your specialty products in one or two lines. State what type of custom small boxes you offer to meet customer requirements and market trends. This to-the-point conversation can be an excellent start to building long-term relationships. 

4: Invest in Memorable Giveaways

Giveaways seem like an obvious inclusion for your trade show marketing. But You should choose the items with great care. Stickers, key chains, pens, etc., are some of the underwhelming promotional items which end up in the garbage. Always be relevant to your industry to give away something valuable. For example, if different packaging companies have participated in the tradeshow, attract your attendees by offering a well-designed custom printed box, providing a great unboxing experience. Place various types of filler packaging like inserts, tissue wrap, air pillows, and colorful packing peanuts inside to give a great display. Such marketing box packaging is perfect for making the participants remember your brand. 

5: Know Your Packaging Stuff

Who is going to represent your company in the first line is critical. Don’t staff your booth with someone who is not aware of your products/services thoroughly. People judge your business by the quality of your event representatives. Therefore, position the one who can give confident answers to the attendees. For example, suppose anyone asks about the variety of shipping supplies you offer. In that case, the individual should immediately update him with the features of corrugated shipping boxes wholesale or carton boxes you offer. 

6: Send Emails Before, During and After the Trade Show

Never forget to engage with the attendees via email. Text-based emails work the most, whereas the highly formatted ones loaded with dense images can look ugly or likely not get read. As someone will receive dozens of emails from trade show vendors, it is essential to view them on a smartphone. Keep the material informative and precise to update the customers about the customized cardboard boxes you offer.