Second-hand Clothes: Practical, Ecological, and Economical

Second-hand Clothes: Practical, Ecological, and Economical

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Discover Minilou and other great thrift stores for an ecological and economical wardrobe for children and adults alike!

Worn once or twice then stored at the back of the wardrobe: this is often the fate that awaits many children’s clothes between 0 and 3 years old. As children at this age grow so quickly, we must constantly renew their wardrobes while wardrobes and drawers are overflowing with hardly worn clothes like pumpkin pajamas

It is on this issue that Minilou has focused on launching its online clothing rental store for babies and children from 0 to 3 years old. Thanks to this concept, we combine the useful with the pleasant. Parents can make a wide selection of second-hand clothes from over 1,000 items of clothing in inventory. Not only do we make sure to give more of second life to the clothes, but we also allow other parents to benefit from these beautiful clothes often so quickly forgotten!

 Practical you say?

 Practical you say? This not only saves space in the wardrobe, and lightens the budget dedicated to clothing, but it also makes sure to extend the life of the clothes. Minilou wants to be an alternative to those clothes that we buy to wear twice before putting them away in the wardrobe. 

The rental is based on a box system, which contains approximately 7 garments. Before shipping, each garment is thoroughly inspected. We make sure they are all in very good condition, washed, ironed, and folded. Each month, you can exchange the rented clothes to go to the next size with packages that start at $30 (7 clothes) and/or only $5 per unit (This amount covers delivery costs, inventory management with any rental of $30 or more). It is possible to keep them as long as desired, before exchanging them for the next size.

Good Dress Available

Some parents will surely ask themselves the question, what if you stain your clothes? If we tear it up? Stain and small damage insurance is included in the rental price. For repairs, Minilou follows suit with upcycling. This economic model of recycling consists of extending the life of products as much as possible. Depending on the case, experienced seamstresses put the clothes back in good condition before putting them back into circulation.

The company is in a magnificent role that could change the way of consuming fashion differently. In addition to being beneficial for the environment, we consume just what is necessary and save a lot of money.

Finally, as the principle of the two women, entrepreneurs is unity is strength

They have not finished surprising us in the next ones. The co-founders have also mentioned to us on this subject that several new partners will join them as a form of support. This organization offers services and activities to all parents with babies aged 0-2 years as well as to all people who are expecting a child (1st, 2nd, etc.)

After having dressed the baby from head to toe, parents also have the right to an eco-responsible wardrobe! Many thrift stores offer you beautiful treasures to discover, including Neuf Printemps, a mobile thrift store that operates under the principle of Pop-up which aims to highlight and sell used women’s clothing of quality and unique style. It is aimed at women aged 20 to 40 who are committed to buying clothes in an eco-responsible way and who want to belong to a community that shares the same values ​​as them. No need to travel to find your clothes, the thrift store comes to you! See you from Friday, March 19 at midnight to Sunday, March 21 at 5 p.m. at the Eco-boutique Un Monde à Vie for the Pop-up Mascouche edition with the spring collection! Several hundred clothes already worn are waiting for you!

Discover other great thrift stores and self-help centers near Mascouche and Terrebonne:

Four Seasons Thrift Store at 2763 Ch Sainte-Marie, Mascouche

Children’s Boutique at 3015 Chemin Ste-Marie, Mascouche allows you to donate your maternity and baby girl dresses.