My PS4 Life: You Need To Know About

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My PS4 Life

At the end of each year, we see companies from around the world share recaps of what their users were up to throughout the year. In that direction, Sony has finally joined the tradition by launching the ‘My PS4 Life’ campaign for PS4 players to urge interesting information about their gaming life.

Purpose Of This Feature

Sony’s My PS4 Life may be a short video that shows a set of various stats associated with the time spent playing PS4 games. What’s unique is that it’s not limited to 2018 insights as it dates back to 2013 when the PS4 was released. The information presented in the video covers your games stats, your total hours which you have spent on playing PS4 games, your rarest trophy, and your first experience of playing on PS4.

So you might be getting all this interesting but confused about how to make a My PS4 Life video? If so, then you’ll get all information regarding the My PS4 Life video in this article.

Creating Your First Video

If you are sharing your first experience on My PS4 Life video, follow these steps to create your first video:

  • Visit the official Sony PlayStation website and then open the My PS4 Life web page.
  • Log in or Sign up to your PlayStation Network Account.
  • After logging into your account you’ll see the “Create My Video” button. Click an equivalent which is it.

At this point, you can create a short video that you can share with your friends on social media.

Technical Issues You May Suffer

Although the PlayStation website in the US is currently directing you to a 404 error page when trying to log into My PS4 Life, the European servers appear to be up and running. However, it may still encounter some technical difficulty from time to time due to the high demand. In that case, you’ll receive an error message informing you that something has gone wrong.

If your video takes much time for its creation and you don’t want to wait then Sony will send it to the email address linked with your PlayStation Network Account.

Personal Experience Of My PS4 Life

I bought the ps4 in 2016. During that time, I played GTA V a lot. I was so engrossed in that game that I did not know the day or the night. After that, I used to exchange games with friends in high school. For almost two years, I must have tried over a hundred games of which the ones I remember include Fifa17, Call Of Duty, Destiny 2, Fortnite, NBA 2k18, Little Nightmares, and Injustice 2, etc. That’s how I played a lot of games that I don’t even know about now.

What’s The Video About?

When Sony introduced the My PS4 Life feature, I immediately tested it by creating my first video of My PS4 Life. Within five minutes, Sony presented me with the whole journey of my PS4 life with a lot of games memories.  Because of this feature of Sony, I was happy to refresh my old memories and I am sure that many people would be happy to refresh their old memories because of the feature.

Sony presented me with the short clips which I’ve saved as my best gameplays. Moreover, I saw the rewards and achievements which I’ve earned from different games.

Why Everyone Should Experience This Feature

I’ll recommend to all PS4 users to use this feature as it highlights your old memories with your friends or siblings, and I’m sure that these memories make you happy for that moment. Moreover, If you play games on your PS4 and want to check your achievements and trophies, you can simply just check them out in a video.

It’s not a precise statistic, however, and it doesn’t represent unit sales numbers. Some publishers supply free copies of games in promos and bundles thus those numbers can be plenty below what My PS4 Life is showing. And since none of those are publicly available, those trophy achievements solely rely upon what percentage of individuals publicly share their videos. Or till Sony pulls the plug on a minimum of the trophy numbers.

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