How to Improve the Natural Referencing of Your Website Created with WordPress

How to Improve the Natural Referencing of Your Website Created with WordPress

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WordPress is by far the most used content management system (CMS or CMS – Custom Management system) worldwide for the creation of websites with a 64.2% market share*. In addition, WordPress is also the application that offers the best basis for the natural referencing of your site in search engines, provided you do your homework!

Indeed, the use of powerful and free extensions, such as Yoast SEO, adds a lot of features and SEO tools to WordPress and can help you improve your position in Google. Be careful however, just like for fitness, it is not enough to acquire a training device to obtain gains, it must be used effectively!

Where do I start to optimize the SEO of my website?

If you use Yoast SEO, in the administration of your WordPress site, you will see a tab appearing in all the pages of your site containing recommendations to improve the SEO of each of your pages. Essentially, you will have to fill in 2 sections of this section, the tab: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the Readability tab.

SEO Section

Definition of a keyword per page

In the SEO section, you will first have to define the keyword of your page which is in fact the main topic. Attention! The chosen keyword must be found in the text written on your website page, otherwise, a recommendation will be dictated in this direction. Without keyword targeting, Google will take the first lines of text from your pages, which doesn’t necessarily yield the best SEO results through SEO services near me!

Meta description of your web pages

Then, you will have to compose the meta description of your page which is in fact a short paragraph presenting the content of your Web page by integrating, as much as possible, the keywords related to the subject of this one. A green progress bar below the field will inform you about the quality of your description in terms of choice and quantity of words.

Content analysis

Depending on the definition of the page keyword, a list of recommendations will appear a little further down. The different recommendations to improve the SEO of your web page will be classified into 3 colored dots. The red, orange, and green circles will show you respectively the problematic points, those to improve and the points where you perform well! So, SEO has a great deal of importance in terms of popularity of a website in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You should be in touch with the small business SEO services provider to get the job done.


If you properly apply each of the prescribed recommendations, you will be able to see your dots go from red to orange or green to mark the improvement of the natural referencing of your page on search engines!

Here are some examples of recommendations:

  • The keyword chosen for the page does not appear in the first paragraph of the writing of your text.
  • Your page content does not meet the recommended minimum of 300 words
  • The keyword does not appear in the title of your page

Readability Section

The Visibility tab for its part will make recommendations based on your texts mainly, for example the length of sentences, paragraphs, the variety of words chosen, etc.

So many recommendations that will allow you to improve your Web pages and ultimately the general positioning of your Web site!

Be aware that if certain recommendations are issued by Yoast SEO. offer you a comprehension challenge. you can always click on the eye icon. It is to the right of the explanatory sentence in order to learn more about the said recommendations.

Of course, Yoast SEO in its free and paid version offers. It has many more tools for optimizing your content. to improve the natural referencing. of your web pages in search engines. if you apply these basic rules first, you will already see a great improvement.