College Life

College life: My Best Time To Spend

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My College life

College life is the most beautiful and wonderful time of life. Unlike school life, Our life is a different experience and one needs to have that experience in their life. Inter studies life introduces us to completely new experiences that we always dreamed of after school life. Lucky are the people who get the chance to enjoy their college life because many people don’t take this opportunity because of their financial situation or their problems. Inter-life has a different meaning for everyone.

While some people spend their college life partying with friends, others are more careful about their jobs and study more. Anyway, everyone is enjoying their college life and they always want it to end. We all have unforgettable stories of college life. The best part of our lives is college life or school life that we remember those days rest of life, yes I do.

How my college life get started | An interesting story

I was a bright student at school and I also participated in physical activities and sports at school. I completed my schooling with the First Division and it was a great achievement for me. Everyone was happy with my success and I had no idea about my further studies. Many friends were also confused as this was our first experience of choosing a career line in life. Many students don’t get advised to choose their careers at this stage. They don’t know what to choose for a career in life and they become more over-confident than their previous success. The only option I had was to go to a government college for further education because my parents advised they had the best lecturers and teaching staff. I did not accuse them and quietly went to Government Postgraduate College for further studies.

My first day in collegiate | College life memories

When I entered this college, I was really scared because everyone was new to me. But soon I started enjoying college life and making great friends. I loved everything about my college life and attended college events. I even joined the college dance association and participated in many dance competitions held in different colleges. Life of extreme adventure begins here. I choose ICS for inter degree because I was interested in computer and IT. A schoolmate of mine joined me and we were just two of a group of friends from our school who gathered at this college.

Great Experiences of High school life

In life, one finds the opportunity to make personal decisions. In school life, students have the opportunity to see their classmates while in college life, we experience the great joy of leadership. A person has the opportunity to present himself to prominent positions like Dean, Vice Dean, Secretary, and Deputy Secretary.

What did I learn in Interemediate life?

Unlike school life, college life is important in one’s life and one should always enjoy college life. One of the best things about college life is that you experience something new every day. In my college life, apart from studying, my friends and I enjoyed many other things. We traveled to many places and tried and learned a lot of new things. Our college canteen was such a big part of my college life, we would rest in the canteen whenever we had time.

Soul Shaking phase of college life:

I was not happy in the early days because all my friends had gone to private colleges and only one school friend was with me in college. We began a new journey in life. I have no idea this college life is going to be the most memorable.

My first day was a bit confusing because I couldn’t find my classes. College routines and periods were very different from school. We had different periods in different classes and sections at different times. We had to move from one block to another to attend the class. Two of the eight periods were free and those free periods were coloring Higher Secondary school life.

We played all around the college grounds and the college because it was the largest college in the city by area. At this point, we meet new people and make new friends. Now those friends are in touch for the rest of their lives.

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