Cannabis Business Social Network

Cannabis Business Social Network

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A Cannabis business social network or a forum is such a platform where cannabis connects with others who are similar and exchange ideas about the daily routine of life. People prefer connecting with similar people online. It created the concept of the ‘social network’. There are thousands of latest social networks stoning up daily so that they can become more and more targeted.

One class of such platforms that has been highly adopted within the digital area is Cannabis social networks.

Types of Platforms Providing Cannabis Business Social Network

In the world of social media, people avoid cannabis business social networks because it’s a bad thing in society but some platforms provide cannabis business social networks.

Grasscity Forums

Grasscity Forums are one of the oldest social media communities that feature everything about weed.

Originally, Grasscity was a very popular weed grow forum where users could discuss how to grow, read grow guides, etc., but it has grown into one of the largest social forums on weed in line.

They have few different forums where you can chat with other weed lovers about growing, smoking, legalization, etc. Grasscity even added a cannabis news section and a list of clinics in the United States.

Weed Life

WeedLife is a new cannabis social network platform that has still bugged in it. However, it also contains the minimum number of languages for making connections daily. They feature a news-feed-style social media platform.

This cannabis-based social media network is the first and only social media platform for weed smokers but it needs a lot of work on it for its better performance and results.

No matter what you are whether you are a public figure, brand, or business you can make your profile/page where you can post videos, photos, events, and much more.


Duby is now the largest online community committed to smokers and cannabis enthusiasts. To sign up for Duby, you will need to download their app available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

You cannot create an account online at the moment, but if you download the app you can immediately start connecting with people. Duby is a mix of Instagram, Tinder, and Twitter in one weed app.

You can see the best videos and they even have stories like Instagram. You can browse photos/users and select “exit” if you don’t like it or “pass” if you want to pass it on. They still have some work to do to make it a viable product that people will enjoy using, but it looks like it is having some good traction when it comes to social media on cannabis.


With CannaSOS, you’ll be able to explore strains, find products, add and see reviews, add friends, QA, and more. If you’re trying to affix one among the larger cannabis social networks, then CannaSOS is the one for you.

They need a fastly growing following of weed users looking to attach online. You’ll be able to raise questions on weed, cannabis, or business news and find a suitable answer from weed pros. be a part of teams and connect with alternative weed supporters on niche-specific topics.

CannaSOS directly gets over 400,000 total users monthly and they have a decent-sized audience on social media. One among their best features is their positive review info that has thousands of weed strains with elaborated information regarding every strain, its results, psychoactive substance ratios, and more.

420 Magazine Forum

The Forums on the 420 magazine website are very active and an exquisite region to connect to cannabis business owners.

They have masses of boards from a way to grow weed to political disputes. There are lots of active members, QA, relating, and networking online on the 420 Magazine Forums.


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