Android Gaming Industry In World 2021

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What is Android?

Android is the basic operating system that is used in the smartphone. The android operating system is officially launched in 2003 with its first version. And android gaming is part of this operating system. This is the American technology developed for the digital camera operating system. After this project, the system further extends to many functionalities now android is a part of google and is operated by google company. The Android Gaming Industry is most growing in the world.

Android Gaming:

Android gaming is only operated on an android operating system installed in smartphones. In now 2021 the APK gaming is very famous for Artificial Intelligence and other programming features. Android gaming is available on the play store which is the main shop of android gaming where we can find free and premium apps and games. Android has many popular gaming and other applications in the market. IOS (Apple) is the biggest competitor of the android operating system. 

Why Android Gaming is famous:

Due to open source availability features and users, friendly interface people like to Android phones and all its applications include other social apps and books business applications. Nowadays in market two most popular operating system is in the fight both are good for their separate features and functions. People love android because it can afford and battery life. And on other hand, Apple has amazing data security and speed up due to Ram.

The latest android version is 11 which was officially released a year ago on 8 September 2020. These games are providing some limited weapons that use in games and also have premium weapons provided by the game community that helps in-game to improve the defending your game while playing.

Top games of Android:

This system has a large number of famous games and which have daily worth in billions of dollars. The best Apk games are PUBG and Free Fier. both are free to use games that play online with the large communities inside this industry.

PUBG is the player unknown battleground is one of the most live multiplayer games in the world. The latest pieces of information about the pubg users in the world according to June 2021 in billion which is a part of pubg. 

Free Fire Game:

Another amazing and advanced technology multiplayer game. Billion of current users online playing on android phones and now available in the IOS version for Apple.

Android gaming Industry:

This is a big opportunity for newbies and experts to develop their skills and get some benefits from this area which still has good potential to make money and good career. Become a good android application development can be bright for the future.

Top 5 Android Games:

Some are the most popular and in 2021 best games is build for mobile technology and support are:

  1. Call of duty Mobile Game:
  2. Gentine Impact:
  3. PUBG Mobile Fortnite:
  4. Gris: MycircleFit
  5. Legend Of Runeterra:

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